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Middleton Foundation for Ethical Studies (MFES)

Middleton Foundation for Ethical Studies

Founded in 2003 by Angela J. Bowen, M.D., Middleton Foundation for Ethical Studies (MFES) is a charitable organization based in Olympia, WA, USA.  Dr. Bowen is also the founder of Western Institutional Review Board (WIRB). 

She has dedicated her career to pursuing the ethics of clinical research around the world and protecting the rights and welfare of the human research subject.  It is believed that the methods and principles utilized by an ethics review board can be utilized in situations other than just clinical research to help decision makers render an ethical solution regardless of the industry.

The mission of MFES is to engage in scholarly inquiry into contemporary ethical issues and to foster awareness on a national and international basis.  It is our vision to develop international standards for ethical review of contemporary issues and to provide a framework from which any decision maker, regardless of affiliation, may render an ethical solution.

MFES is managed by a Board of Directors who donate their time and efforts to collaboratively achieve its vision and build understanding among nations.


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